Admission Overview Plus

Obtain the benefits of the Admission Overview:

We at Compass Athletic Advising will guide the student-athlete to be on the right track for academic eligibility to play college sports.

The student-athletes academic profile is very important to maintain, this will offer them the best appeal to college coaches. We will provide constructive counselling on where the student athlete needs to improve and what are their next steps to achieve their goals.

The SAT process can be a complicated one to navigate. We will help student athletes get registered, select a testing site and discover methods needed to succeed.

As well as the following:

The Eligibility Center is where the NCAA determines if a student-athlete is eligible to participate in sports in any of the three divisions (Division I, II or III). They decide this by verifying if the student athlete is academically qualified and as an amateurism status.

Since there is a difference between these three division ( i.e amount of core courses required , amount of training per week etc), the NCAA offers options to these student-athletes to register in which division,

With the Admission Overview Plus service, we at Compass Athletic Advising will help the student-athlete navigate the Eligibility Center and verify they maintain their eligibility and amateurism.